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Отель Hachimantai Royal Hotel

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Guests become poets as they see through hotel windows the magnificent view of Mt. Iwate praising the natural beauty that changes from season to season. In spring, guests can enjoy walking in the Kenminnomori woods while in summer, they can play tennis at all-weather tennis courts. In autumn, scarlet-tinged male leaves await our guests and in winter, they can enjoy a romantic evening illuminated by color shadows. The sky of Hachimandaira filled with stars is a must-see. We cordially invite you to this romantic world of stars.

Как добраться

5 minutes by bus from JR Morioka station via East Hachimantai Kotsu Center bound for Hachimantai Royal Hotel. Shuttle available from JR Morioka station. Reservations required.

Hotel facade.
Hotel facade.
Hotel facade.
Hotel facade.
Hotel facade.
Hotel facade.

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