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Отель Hakone Hotel

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Built upon the shore overlooking the sparkling waters of the Lake Ashi, the Hakone Hotel shines like the most precious stone in the region. When the majestic view of Mt. Fuji shows up over the Lake Ashi, it adds a breathtaking moment to the guests’ stays. Since its establishment in 1923, the Hakone Hotel has drawn many guests home and abroad with its incomparable hospitality and service. Fully renovated in 1992, the Hakone Hotel offers a wide variety of modern guestrooms. There are 50 guestrooms ranging from standard twin-bedded room to Suites, for a maximum of 100 guests. The stay at the Hakone Hotel is not just a stay but an experience.

Как добраться

60 minutes on bus from JR/Odakyu Odawara Station bound for Hakone-machi and get off at Hakone Hotel-mae. 30 minutes by taxi from JR/Odakyu Odawara Station.

Hotel facade
Hotel facade
Hotel facade

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