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Отель Hanaryokan Iwatoya

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Takachiho is the place of legends and folklore. Hana Ryokan Iwatoya is located at Amano-Iwato in Oku-Takachiho. The entrance is modeled after Amano-Iwato Cave, and the entire floor is covered by tatami mat. The cuisine is served with abundant of natural ingredients and local products and has a great reputation with natural food lovers. The hotel provides a free shuttle service for guests who wish to go and see the Night Kagura, designated as a National Important Intangible Cultural Asset, and free tickets for Amano-Iwato Spa.

Как добраться

10 minutes by taxi from Takachiho Bus Center. 20 minutes on bus from Takachiho bus center bound for Iwato and 5 minutes walk.

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