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Отель Joseikan

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Establish in 1874 and as the regular hotel for Imperial family, hotel has been loved by many political and economical celebrities such as Shigeru Yoshida,former Prime Minister. The hotel is built at the Ryoma Sakamoto birthplace and located at the center of Kochi city. Hotel is Japanese style and surrounded by scent of trees. We welcome with elegant Japanese hospitality and cuisine are foods in season both from the sea and the mountain. Please enjoy and relax at the open-air bath overview the Kochi castle.

Как добраться

15 minutes by bus from JR Kochi station bound for Hotarubashi. Get off at Ue-machi 2 chome and 1 minute wlak to the hotel. 10 minutes by taxi from JR Kochi station. 20 minutes by car from Kochi IC, Kochi expressway.

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