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Отель Kyushu Hotel

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Kyushu Hotel is the long-established hotel and boasts the scenic beauty of Unzen-Jigokudani. In addition to the highly reputable service, rotenburo (open-air bath) was rebuilt in August 2001 and can experience the best of the area’s natural beauty and the singular size of Mt. Unzen. The private rotenburo is large and luxurious. Newly built dining room, geared towards the individual traveler, is popular for its scenic view and atmosphere. The hotel introduced a new style of cuisine, featuring multiple courses of both Japanese and Western dishes and a main dish selected by the guest.

Как добраться

85 minutes on bus from JR Isahaya Station bound for Unzen Koen, get off at Shinyu Visitor Center Mae and 3 minutes walk. 60 minutes by taxi from JR Isahaya Station.

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