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Отель Shirafuneso Shintaku Ryokan

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This quiet inn is located on high ground with an excellent view, and the garden wood is a paradise for squirrels, wild birds, and other animals. This inn has a reputation for its large bath that is a nationwide leader for spring water quality and quantity and its wide field rotenburo (outdoor hot spring bath) that overflows with rustic beauty, where guests can listen to the warbling of birds while viewing a sky full of stars or enjoy their bath while watching the winter snow fall. A 130 year tradition of excellent service warms the heart. Well known for its cuisine featuring seasonal local specialties, such as wild Mountain plants, charr fish, matsutake mushrooms and Shinshu beef.

Как добраться

55 minutes on bus from Matsumoto Railway Sin shimajima staion bound for Shirahone onsen. Get off at the last stop and 5 minutes walk. 60 minutes by car via R158 from Nagano Expressway Matsumoto IC.

Hotel facade at night.
Hotel facade at night.
Hotel facade at night.

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